Artist Introduction: Robert Taira Wilson

Great Britain has a long lineage of complete badasses. The Cray Twins. Captain “Mad Jack” Churchill. Florence Nightingale. Emily Davison. Jason Statham. Thomas Shelby. Neville Longbottom. That line continues to this day, but nowadays it continues on on foreign shores with the Folk Prince, Robert Taira Wilson.

The truth is that as grand a title as that is, it’s not enough. Taira Wilson is a versatile and passionate artist. We recently saw him effortlessly incorporate a wonderful rendition of a traditional Japanese song into his set as a homage to his adopted home. Folk is essentially Robert’s wheelhouse but he is so fluidly capable of swapping into a rock style stomp or a jazzy swing.

Listening to his albums is one thing, as he has an astounding ability to weave a story whether it’s tales of riots in London or odes to broken promises. But in Robert’s live show you will come to understand the real majesty of his art, in that his voice actually does sound like silk and his fretwork is actually that phenomenal. 

Come see Robert Taira Wilson on April 10th at Shibuya 7th Floor.


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