-SOLD OUT- March 25th Craft Beer Unplugged with Josiah Hawley
-SOLD OUT- March 25th Craft Beer Unplugged with Josiah Hawley

-SOLD OUT- March 25th Craft Beer Unplugged with Josiah Hawley

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Thank you everyone for the interest in this event! The next event with Josiah Hawley is on April 17th and can be found here.  Our next Craft Beer Unplugged is with Robert Taira Wilson; it's details and tickets can be found here.

「Craft Beer Unplugged」は、クラフトビールを片手に生演奏を楽しむカジュアルパーティーです。新進気鋭のミュージシャンと醸造家が織りなす至福の時を、気の置けない友人達とお寛ぎください。

Craft Beer Unplugged is an International mixer where you can relax with some freshly crafted ale, meet some new and interesting people and listen to some original live music. We keep it small and personal on purpose.

生演奏・The Music: Josiah Hawley


Josiah Hawley is a master of his craft blending pop, rock and blues with falsetto at a beat that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to move. He’s wooed the girls with his chiseled smile, dazzled America as a semi-finalist on America’s ‘The Voice’ and is now looking to establish himself in the Tokyo scene.

ビール・The Beer: 
Baird Beer

クラフトビール&ウイスキーBAR 八丁堀ガーデンは、クラフトビールを最高のコンディションで提供することに拘るお店です。ベアードビールを中心に厳選されたクラフトビールをタップでサーブしています。また、大人の社交場をコンセプトにハイエンドのウイスキーの数々をカジュアルに提供しています。ベアードビールは、静岡県の沼津と修善寺で醸造されたクラフトビールです。

The newly established Craft Beer and Whiskey Bar Hachoubori Garden is committed to the best and therefore only keeps a select lineup of Baird Beer on tap and high end whiskey’s on the shelf.  Baird Beer is a Japanese native craft beer brewery founded in Numazu, Japan. Dedicated to small batches, they believe that Balance + Complexity = Character and use that formula to brew a beer that bursts with flavor.


Just as we believe quality music brings bliss to one’s being they believe that a good beer should be used to enhance the overall experience of life. Celebrate Music, Celebrate Beer, Celebrate life and join us for a pint on March 25th.

日付・Date: 3月25日 (木)・March 25th
時間・Time: 19:00PM ~ 23:00PM
会費・Price: 3500円 Door
More Than Music Members can receive a 30% discount. Just click here.

チケット代込み・Ticket price includes:
・ビール1杯(他ドリンクでもOK)・The first drink
・ライブ演奏会費・Live music fee


19:00~ 開始 (チェックイン、ビールの提供、顔合わせ)
19:30~20:00 - 音楽セット1番目
・Music Set 1
20:00~20:30 - 話したり飲んだり時間
・Break to talk and drink
20:30~21:00 - 音楽セット2番目・Music Set 2

21:00~ みんなで楽しく飲みましょう!

・Enjoy the rest of the night together!