7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA
7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA
7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA
7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA
7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA
7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA
7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA

7月20日|MTM x BAROOM Presents: EN - Sarah Kang, FiJA

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July 20th, 2024 (Saturday)


1st Session: OPEN  15:30 / START  16:00
2nd Session: OPEN 19:00 / START  19:30


Music Bar & Hall BAROOM, Minamiaoyama 
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Admission per session                   ¥ 6,500
MTM Member price per session   ¥ 4,500

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     Sarah Kang

     Luke Hobbs
     Takahiro Saito

About This Event

The sound “EN” is powerful in Japanese.

With different kanji it is used to represent a circle, fate, or celebration.

Read in many different ways, but with a shared meaning to “connect” or “be with others.” An unavoidable fate of all living things. An important value of life.

En is the perfect representation for More Than Music. Our ‘More Than’ derived from the fact that we are community builders and use events as a means to come together and connect as the audience fulls a show as much as an act fuels an audience.

Through connecting with people and to their friends, and to their friends…. Fate has brought us to Baroom, Columbia Records Japan’s prestigious live house with a circular stage surrounded by plush red velvet seating paired with a separate vintage-style audio bar.

The series “EN” was created specially for this special place - to connect and celebrate with people lead by our fate. Enjoy the cozy space, the amazing musical journey, and the community, all in one.

Artist information

◾️ Sarah Kang ◾️

Sarah Kang is a NYC-based singer-songwriter, whose genre is a seamless blend of jazz, R&B, and pop paired with thoughtful lyricism and warm, cozy vocals. Born in South Korea and raised in LA, Chicago, and Dallas, she grew up playing the piano and the french horn but never imagined she’d ever become a professional musician. Being raised in an immigrant family, a creative career was never presented to her as a real possibility – only a pipe dream. However, after releasing her first collection of original songs called “Fair Weather”, which she recorded in her closet, and with the encouragement of her family and friends in 2017, she quit her job as a music teacher and took the jump into full-time music. She released her debut EP called “One”, funded by a Kickstarter campaign, in 2019 with collaborators Takahiro Izumikawa, Dan Song, and Andrew Kim. In 2020, she challenged herself to release a song every month, and that July, she released her most well-known song to date called “Summer Is for Falling in Love”, which has over 13 million streams on Spotify. The song has also been featured in Nespresso, Uniqlo, and LG advertisements, as well as Korean dramas and TV shows. She released her second EP “maybe i’m better now” in 2021 with her producer Patrick Hizon, in which she explored her more soulful and R&B side. In 2022, she released her first full-length album “how i remember” and made it onto the cover of Spotify playlists “Retro Pop” and “Next Gen Singer-Songwriter”. Her song “end credits” landed itself on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist. 

Sarah often describes herself as someone who is perpetually nostalgic, sometimes preemptively nostalgic for moments that haven’t even passed yet. This results in a timelessness in her songwriting, which evoke memories, tell intimate stories, and remind us of the finiteness of life, but also of hope for the future. She hopes that her music helps listeners to be fully present in the small moments that make life beautiful, like a sunset, or holding someone you love.


◾️ FiJA ◾️

FiJA was born in Tokyo, Japan to a Filipina mother and a Japanese father. Raised in Tokyo, started performing as singer-songwriter after she came back to Japan from studying English and music in California. Now she joined Neo-Soul/Jazz/R&B band called パジャマで海なんかいかない (pajama de umi nanka ikanai) and Afrobeat big-band called aTak as a vocalist.
Her soothing voice with a bit of huskiness made for the morning and golden hours. Contemporary R&B and soul singer-songwriter FiJA’s music will cherish your moment.


◾️ Luke Hobbs (DJ) ◾️

You’re compelled to continue swinging your body to the tempo as DJ Luke Hobbs emerges from the smoky backdrop gifting the masses with one final set. If you were to visually capture this organic sound on canvas, you’d stand for a moment upon the piece and claim it as avant-garde. Hobbs has an immaculate way of capturing music at its very core, and the result is almost an animalistic blend of big disco, rock, and accidental tribal.  The urge to dance is transfixing, and you surrender yourself.


◾️ Takahiro Saito (DJ) ◾️




Ariel is a self-taught chef who started out cooking to get
closer to her family’s culture. 
(From a family of immigrants, recipe duplication was a way to remember the history of her ancestors)

As she progressed in her food journey, her passion for flavor synchronicities grew. She  wanted to discover the flavors, complexities and histories of other cultures, desiring to understand the rich history that was all around her, in the households of her friends and peers. 

Today, Ariel is an active member in the food scene in Tokyo, hosting personal pop-ups, managing restaurants, and supporting fellow food creators.



◾️ BAROOM ◾️

Columbia Records Japan's high-end live house featuring a circular stage with surrounding plush velvet read seating combined with a vintage-style audio music bar. The perfect place for combining a perfect listening experience with community.