1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art
1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art

1月27日|MTM Pick-up: TOKYO VIBES - Music & Art

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January 27th, 2024 (Saturday)


OPEN    17:00 
CLOSE  23:00


B by the Brooklyn Brewery
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ADMISSION        ¥ 1,500
MTM Member     ¥ 0

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  Reina Shimizu (Sax)

  DJ Sean
  DJ Kotatsu
  Fax Dorobo

  Gil Kuno
  Cometa Ring
  Louis Lafferty
  Shibari/Light Art
  Movie Buff Girl

  Ninja Fitness
  More Than Music
  A¥CE Clothing

About This Event

Meet passionate people from all over the world at Tokyo Vibes while enjoying art and music! We created a space to inspire and get inspired by art in many forms and create connections that last a lifetime.

On the 27th of January, we start the year with a bang with the first Tokyo Vibes event, packed to the brim with art, music, food and excitement at the Brooklyn Brewery in Nihonbashi. Here’s what we have in store for you:

🌈 Local Artists: Discover the unique creations of local artists, from paintings that tell stories to handcrafted treasures, each piece has a tale to share.

🎶 Live Performances: Feel the Vibes rushing through your veins with live performances from talents from all corners of the world.

👫 Connect with Creatives: Tokyo Vibes is not just an event; it's a community. Make friends with like minded people with a passion, share stories, and build lasting connections in Tokyo's creative hub.

🍜 Food Delights: Enjoy a drink and a bite while enjoying the art exhibits and passion projects.

Food Menu


Tinga de pollo

Beef Suadero 

Brown Mushroom (vegetarian)


Guacamole and Chips

Red Cabbage & Cheese Slaw

Fried Potato with Lime Chili Mayonnaise

Bar snacks


Fresh Olives

Dry fruits

Mixed Smoked Nuts 

Popup/Artist information

◾️ A¥CE Clothing ◾️

Our mission is to be the symbol of multi-culture in the world, to embrace the small details people carry through the mix in life. We create cross-cultural threads, multicultural style clothing and lifestyle pieces to represent you.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ayceclothing.co/


◾️ Bukuro ◾️

We are an Art Collective based in Tokyo.

Mission Statement: Encourage each other to continue to create and make an impact.

◾️ Ninja Fitness ◾️

Hi! I'm Nana, a Ninja fitness instructor!

Ninja Fitness is a new type of workout which incorporates traditional Japanese Ninja movements with an emphasis on posture, balance, and flexibility to refresh the body and mind. In this class, you will enjoy a full-body workout combining ninja cardio, shuriken throwing, katana swinging, and more.

Instagram: @ninjafitness_japan

◾️ Reina Shimizu (Sax)  ◾️

Reina Shimizu, an up-and-coming female saxophonist who combines a powerful blow with heat and aggressive phrasing, appears with elite members who are active in the music scene.




◾️ DJ Sean ◾️

California-native DJ Sean has carved a niche in Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife with his unique “all mix” style, seamlessly blending tech-house, RnB, and Disco, and his event, “RAGTAG Socials,” stands as one of Tokyo’s largest independent events. Over three years, he’s played at clubs like Ce La Vi, Baia, and more. As DJ Sean gears up for upcoming RAGTAG Socials events, his innovative sets continue to embody the rhythmic synergy of California’s ease and Tokyo’s electric ambiance, making every night a rhythmic adventure that resonates with the heart of Tokyo.

California出身のDJ Seanは、独自のスタイルを生かし、活気あふれる東京のナイトライフシーンで成功を収めてきました。持ち味とする「オールミックス」は、テックハウス、RnB、ディスコが絶妙にブレンドされたスタイル。独立イベントとして東京最大級を誇る「RAGTAG Socials」を主催し、3年間にわたり、Ce La Vi、Baiaなど数々のクラブでプレイしてきました。 今後のRAGTAG Socialsでも、穏やかなカリフォルニアとエレクトリックな東京の雰囲気を融合させた革新的なセットリストを通して、毎夜、東京の街に心躍るような音楽を届けてくれることでしょう!


◾️ DJ Kotatsu ◾️

Kotatsu, a French DJ rooted in Tokyo, finds her musical inspiration in the vibrant pulse of electro and house, infusing world beats that invite listeners on a journey. Her sets offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, aiming to touch your soul and create a heartwarming experience.

東京を拠点に活躍中のフランス人DJ、Kotatsu. エレクトロとハウスミュージックからインスピレーションを得たスタイルで、聴く人を音楽の旅へと誘うビートを創り出します。魂に響き、心に染み渡る、温もりと親しみに溢れたセットリストは必見です。


◾️ CoolThanksBro (DJ) ◾️

CoolThanksBro is an American DJ and lover of all things groovy. From being introduced to Soul, Rock Chicago House and techno at a young age, he has a passion for getting bodies moving on the dance floor.

Likes: Cinema. Zoology. Dad Jokes.
Dislikes: Math. Mosquitos. Okra.

Styles- House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Jersey Club




◾️ Gil Kuno (Art) ◾️



◾️ Cometa Ring ◾️

Coming Soon


◾️ Louis Lafferty (Art) ◾️ 

Website Portfolio: https://www.claudepearlman.com/

Biography (in Japanese):


◾️ Shibari/Light Art◾️



◾️ MIKA SUZUKI (Japan Alcohol Ink Art Association)◾️ 

Born in Aichi, Japan in 1990 and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan Graduated from Nagoya Women's University Junior College, Department of Clothing December 2021 Published book: Alcohol Ink Art Lesson

Alcohol Ink Art Instructor and Artist I first encountered alcohol ink art through a candle coloring technique in 2016. In order to promote alcohol ink art, which was still unfamiliar in Japan at that time, I established the Japan Alcohol Ink Art Association, utilizing my knowledge of various painting materials. Since then, I have been involved in a wide range of activities, including art collaborations with companies, material development cooperation, and package design.






◾️ Ayame ◾️

美術大学の大学院に在学し、東京のクリエイティブ事務所でアシスタントデザイナーをしながら、3DCG や VR、写真、グラフィックなどの様々なメディアを使用し、表現活動を行なっている。
apoooism とビジュアルクリエイティブチーム 「feel_good.img」を 2021 年 11 月に結成し、アートブックイベントへの参加や展示、ポップアップ などの活動をしている。