6月25日|Vamos a HAVANA

6月25日|Vamos a HAVANA

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Robert Taira Wilson
Kenny Kendrick



日付|Date:6月25日 ()・June 25th
時間|Time:OPEN 18:00・START 19:00:00
場所|Venue:HAVANA 1950, Hiroo
値段|Price: ADV ¥2,500・DOOR ¥2,500・FREE for Members


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About the Event

広尾の中心にあるのはキューバへのワープホール「Havana 1950」。まさに、キューバの都にあるおしゃれなバーをそのまま切りと取ったようなインテリア。おしゃれな雰囲気にあるカリビアンカクテルとダンサブルミュージック味わえる素敵な会場です。ビンテージ感のあるの木で作られたバーカウンターから見渡すステージ、壁に飾られる英雄たちの肖像画…キューバの情熱を感がけ抜かれた内装で聴く音楽は、また味の違った新鮮さを感じ受けられます。More than Musicは、この素晴らしい会場で月に一回、いつものようにMTMメンバーは無料でアクセスすることができるイベントを開催します。

In the heart of Hiroo lies Havana 1950. A venue that perfectly embodies the vibe of the Cuban capital, Caribbean cocktails and fantastic danceable music. The portraits of all the heroes of that time on the wall, overlook the stylish decor and amazing music! Every month More than Music brings it's great atmosphere to this amazing venue, and as always gives the members free access to it.

Robert Taira Wilson (ロバート・タイラ・ウィルソン) 

Robert is an English artist, musician and songwriter currently based in Japan. His music fuses intricate, classically influenced guitar playing with modern alternative songwriting. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres and weaves together original and deeply personal songs. 



A comment over dinner by leading Japanese film director Yukihiko Tsutsumi inspired Alisa to try writing her first ever song at the age of 18. Six months later, Alisa’s talent in song-writing and singing was highly acclaimed with her song “walls,” which was chosen to be the theme song for Tsutsumi's "SICK’s" drama series.

Alisa has since received world-wide praise for her singing role in Netflix anime "Carole & Tuesday" in which she voiced the character of Angela. Her singing voice was also featured in Haagen-Dazs Japan's commercial "Moon on the Spoon" and in the NHK drama series "Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu".

Most recently, Alisa’s new song ‘tell me i’m broken’ was selected to be the image song for the film “Joshikousei ni Korosaretai” featuring Kei Tanaka. This song is set to appear in Alisa’s next release “BOUNDARIES -SET B-”, which will come as the second part to her first EP “BOUNDARIES -SET A-” launched in July 2021. Alisa worked on this set of songs closely alongside Grammy Award-winning mix and recording engineer Carlton Lynn, whilst the accompanying music video was filmed by the legendary Tsutsumi Yukihiko.

Kenny Kendrick

Longtime musician inspired by the likes of Prince, Tame Impala, Mac Miller, and Tears For Fears. From Louisville, KY.