7月14日|MTM Pick Up:  【観覧】満月集会 第4夜 TAMA&KAI (SHAMANZ)
7月14日|MTM Pick Up:  【観覧】満月集会 第4夜 TAMA&KAI (SHAMANZ)

7月14日|MTM Pick Up: 【観覧】満月集会 第4夜 TAMA&KAI (SHAMANZ)

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日付|Date:7月14日 ()・July 14th
時間|Time:OPEN 18:30・START 19:30 
場所|Venue:Aoyama, Moon Romantic (月見ル君想フ)
値段|Price: Advanced ¥3,000・Door ¥3,500 + 1D・ ¥1,000 for Members 

刺身付きチケット|Ticket including Sashimi:


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【満月集会 22’夏】










[About this event]

Sashimi + Japanese sake + cherry blossom viewing

The combination of the three above are sure to excite anyone in Japan,  and now they can all be experienced at a live house!

Limited quantities of Sashimi ordered directly from Toyosu market will be served with Sake carefully selected by experts to match the sashimi!

The venue will be beautiful decorated with seasonal flowers, living trees, and logs. And of course, the best musical performers were chosen for the lineup. Everything about this night is top-class, so do come and enjoy it to the fullest!

At this event Mangetsu-shukai (Event name translation: “Full Moon Gathering”), a booth selling sake will be set up, making this night a grand drinking party which the staff will also join in. It's a very friendly event, so please feel free to come join us!



Tama Tsuboi = Vocal/Guitar

ニュージーランド出身のフロントマン“TAMA TSUBOI”が率いる、湘南エリアを中心に活動する多国籍バンド。ジャンル・人種をクロスオーバーさせながら、Latin/Reggae/Rockをベースに情熱的なサウンドを繰り広げる。TAMAの卓越したギタースキルと哀愁漂う歌声は人々の心に刻まれる。MIKE の力強い尚且つ繊細なドラムはSHAMANZ がアコスティックロック言われ理由の一つでもある。KAI のベースとギターを同時に演奏するテクニックそしてサウンドはバンドの基盤と言っても過言ではない。現在のSHAMANZTama Tsuboi, Kai Petite, Mike Marringtonのトリオとして活動を広げる。

A multinational band led by the frontman "TAMA TSUBOI" from New Zealand, mainly based in the Shonan area. While crossing over genres and races, they unfold passionate sounds with a Latin/Reggae/Rock foundation. TAMA's outstanding guitar skills and melancholy singing will forever be engraved in the audiences’ hearts upon hearing him for the first time. MIKE's powerful yet delicate tight drumming is one of the reasons why SHAMANZ is considered an acoustic-rock band. It’s hardly an overstatement to say KAI’s incredible technique of playing bass and guitar at the same time creates the foundation of the band’s distinctive sound. Currently, SHAMANZ is a three-piece band with Tama Tsuboi, Kai Petite and Mike Marrington as members.

Kai Petite = Ch Vocal/Bass VI/H Barritone Guitar

1982 神奈川県鎌倉市生まれ 父と兄の影響で14歳からギターを始め、17歳より都内の BAR などで演奏を始める。 2001 ボストンのバークリー音楽院に入学。 2002 Gibson Jazz Guitar Contest バンド部門で優勝。 2004 Professional Music 科を卒業。 2007 オムニバスアルバム「Ukulele Beach」に参加。 2009 ファーストアルバム「Harbor Lights」でメジャーデビュー。 2010 サウンドプロデューサーとしてナカムラヒロシ(i-depSotte Bosse)を迎え、セカンドアルバム「Feelin’ This Way」をリリースする。 2011 サードアルバム「A Night Flight」をリリースする。 2014 ハーモニカ奏者、倉井夏樹と「Kai Petite&Natsuki Kurai」をリリースする。

Born in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1982, influenced by his father and brother, Kai began playing guitar at the age of 14, then started playing at bars in Tokyo at the age of 17. He began studying music at Boston’s Berkeley Conservatory in 2001, and won 1st place in the Gibson Jazz Guitar Contest’s band category in 2002. He graduated Berkeley Conservatory’s Professional Music department in 2004. After graduating, he participated in the omnibus album "Ukulele Beach” in 2007. He made his major debut with his first album "Harbor Lights” in 2009. Working with Hiroshi Nakamura (i-dep/Sotte Bosse) as sound producer, he released his second album "Feelin' This Way” in 2010. 2011 The third album "A Night Flight" was released. In 2014, he released "Kai Petite & Natsuki Kurai” with harmonica player Natsuki Kurai.