-CANCELLED- `2月12日|2022年初!Rockin’ ろくでもナイト
-CANCELLED- `2月12日|2022年初!Rockin’ ろくでもナイト
-CANCELLED- `2月12日|2022年初!Rockin’ ろくでもナイト
-CANCELLED- `2月12日|2022年初!Rockin’ ろくでもナイト
-CANCELLED- `2月12日|2022年初!Rockin’ ろくでもナイト

-CANCELLED- `2月12日|2022年初!Rockin’ ろくでもナイト

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This event has been canceled. Corona has affected the staff of the venue and us, and while everyone is OK, honoring the quarantine has them short-staffed and unable to run the event.
We want to express our sincere apologies to those who were looking forward to this event, as we were, too. We will book the artists again in the future to share. If you’re looking for indie rock, February 19th is still on, and will host fresh! who are flying down from Sapporo for the show along with 3 great Tokyo acts who have never played with MTM before.
If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, while it is in stark contrast to a night of rock, there is an interesting night of poetry being held at Haremame that we can recommend.
All the best and please be safe!
MTM team


The Eighty Ones



2月12日 (土)・Febuary 12th
時間|Time:OPEN - 16:30・START - 17:10
場所|Venue:下北沢 ろくでもない夜
値段|Price: DOOR  ¥3,200, ADVANCED  ¥2,800, FREE for Members

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【Rockin' ろくでもナイトとは|About Rockin' Rokudemo Night】

【Rockin’ ろくでもナイト】は下北沢にあるライブハウス「ろくでもない夜」で行うロックのライブイベント・シリーズです。最高のクルーとサウンドシステムでロック好きにはたまらない夜をお届けします!

Rockin’ Rokudemo Night is a fun night out at one of our old time stomping grounds Shimkitazawa Rokudemonai Yoru. Rough around the edges, but with a jolly heart and great sound system and team, it’s the perfect place to host a rowdy night of rock. Come on out and jump around or step into the bar, grab a pint, and meet a new friend while still catching the good tunes.