5月31日|More Tokyo Music : SOMBRA , BLACKUR0, hello1103, Momocurly,

5月31日|More Tokyo Music : SOMBRA , BLACKUR0, hello1103, Momocurly,





日付|Date:5月31日 (水)・May 31st
時間|Time:OPEN 18:30・START 19:00
場所|Venue:Aoyama, Moon Romantic
[月見ル君想フ] 入場料|Ticket:ONLINE ¥2,800・DOOR ¥3,500・FREE for Members メンバー

More Tokyo Musicとは|About More Tokyo Music 

 More Tokyo Musicは Moon Romanticとの新コラボ・プロジェクト。毎週水曜日、厳選された音と、東京が誇る才能の数々をご紹介! 会場をほんのり照らす月明かりの下で音楽好きが集い、みんなで交わす月見酒… 今までくらべて少しキラキラした水曜日をご提供致します✨

In our weekly collaboration with Moon Romantic we bring you the cream of the crop of the Tokyo live music scene. Every Wednesday you can find More than Music posted under the bright moon of Aoyama. So if you are a life music lover you simply can't miss out on this series!

【生演奏|The Music】


SOMBRA is the pseudonym of the split Montreal & Tokyo based producer/songwriter, Matthew Cataldo. With influences ranging from 90s alternative grunge and industrial to underground house, techno and trip-hop, SOMBRA’s music is introspective and claustrophobic, yet paradoxically colourful and chameleonic.

Self-described as “music to turn off the lights to”, this quasi-ritualistic, and at-times obsessive-compulsive artistic process gives forth to dark, haunting, yet eerily familiar soundscapes. Like a window into the human condition, Cataldo explores themes of desire, animalism, social norms and mental health.


Composing music, writing lyrics, arranging, recording, and mixing, she does it all herself.
Playing instruments including  analog synthesizers, her music features catchy and emotional melodies.
Various elements of music from rock music to R&B, techno, and electronica shape her music, and impart a unique flavor into her style.

Having experienced playing at international bars and overseas, she believes in the power of music beyond borders. 
Pursuing a new style regardless of nationality or gender, with aims to be an international artist. 

Her voice is soulful and thick, but sometimes very sensitive, that deepens the world of her music even more. In 2022, she performed at BIGSOUND in Australia.



An electronic music duo composed of Hitomi (Trackmaker/Engineer) and yukako (VJ/Visual Creator). Their digital but organic sound are accompanied with visuals that depict subconscious imagery, creating an extraordinary space. Based in Tokyo, the duo is active both domestically and internationally.

From July 2019, Hello1103 commenced the ambient set which includes a collection of tranquil tracks. As with their conventional performances, this new set is being received positively at various venues.

In 2021, they started a new live set “Hello1103 Live: VR Experience”. By installing VR headsets in livehouses, they turned ordinary live spaces into brand new world which we have not seen. Audience are surrounded in vast, sometimes surrealistic VJ world, like travelling all over the world.

Other than VJ work for their own performances, the band has offered visual effects for many musicians including mouse on the keys. The band also offers consultation for visual systems at live venues.

ハローイチイチゼロサン。Hitomi (Trackmaker/Engineer)、yukako (VJ/Visual Creator)による電子音楽ユニット。

2019年より、通常のライブセットからスピンオフする形で静謐な美しさに特化したAmbient Setを開始。翌年にはAmbient Setの楽曲を集めたミニアルバム『aruhi』をリリースし、好評を博した。
2021年にはVRワールドの自由さとライブハウスの迫力ある音響を融合させたイベント「Hello1103 Live:VR Experience」を開催。さらに立体音響とライブを合成した「irreversible」を開催するなど、新しい技術を貪欲に取り込んだ挑戦的な試みを続けている。

VJとしてはmouse on the keys、SuiseiNoboAzなど多数のアーティストのライブ映像演出を手がけるほか、エンジニアとして吉祥寺NEPOの映像演出システムを構築した。


Christophe Pannekoucke

 Born in the French mountains, he plays different music & produces too. He used to play rock during his teenage times, then moved to jazz and other improvised music, he is a graduate of a french conservatory and has a national diploma in jazz guitar. He now focuses on playing and producing modern music from jazz to pop by RnB and ambient music. 

Momo OtaniMore
From Tokyo, City girl.

She plays the piano since the age of 3, mainly jazz but many other genres too. She used to play at the jazz club every night on the Tokyo jazz scene and now focuses on making music for Momocurly. You'll get to her universe after a one-time listen to Momocurly's unique sound.