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What is More Than Music

More Than Music is a well known name in the Tokyo live music scene. Music events we associate our name to are known for:

1) Great music:
More Than Music’s mission has always put the quality of live performances first. We take what we believe is the best of the indie live scene and get them on one stage, in every genre available.

2) Great People:
All More Than Music shows are more than just music events. We are a bustling community of people gathered around music where everyone is welcome, regardless of their background.
A good mix of Japanese people and expats enjoying the music.

3) And More…
The [more than] aspect of More Than Music includes everything else we do, we have successfully combined comedy, drag shows, food events, magazine release parties, art galleries,... . We strive to include an extra dimension to the events we do.


Why Signup For MTM Event Pass?

Our aim is to make our concept easily accessible to everyone. That is why we offer monthly subscribers to the MTM EVENT PASS a free access to all our regular events (excluding premium events that may incur additional charges). 

Our MTM Event Pass is designed to offer our loyal patrons a range of benefits, including:
  1. Access to 8 events a month at various live houses and event spaces across Tokyo
  2. Exclusive discounts to partnered and unique events
  3. Future perks we plan to add as the membership program grows, such as early access, member-only events, and more.

↑↑↑ All of this is available for ¥3,500/month! ↑↑↑
Sign up now and start enjoying More Than Music, today!!

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