6月11日|月見ル x More Than Music
6月11日|月見ル x More Than Music
6月11日|月見ル x More Than Music
6月11日|月見ル x More Than Music
6月11日|月見ル x More Than Music

6月11日|月見ル x More Than Music



Kenji Azuma & Sami Elu
Robert Taira Wilson
Elliot Cormack



日付|Date:6月11日 (土)・June 11th
時間|Time:OPEN 18:00・START 18:30
場所|Venue:Aoyama Moon Romantic
値段|Price: DOOR  ¥3,500・¥1,000 for Members 


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【月見ル x More Than Music とは|About 月見ル x More Than Music】



Come on out and be enchanted!  All of the artists below are capable of wrenching your soul out of your body for the duration of their performance.
Be it by means of exotic new instruments like the pixie chord or by smooth as silk songwriting, you will walk away from this show a changed human.




Kenji Azuma & Sami Elu(アズマ ケンジ & サミ・エル)

Kenji Azuma はいくつもの楽器の音を掛け合わせて流れるようなメロディーやハーモニーで様々な感情を表現します。Sami Elu が演奏する楽器は彼自身が考えて作った世界で一つだけの楽器。キーボードのような形をした楽器から奏でる音はハープに近く、幻想的な響きがします。2人の演奏で非現実的な世界観を感じてみませんか?

Kenji Azuma crossbreeds many instruments to create flowing melodies and harmonies, expressing his vast range of emotions. The instrument Sami Elu plays is the only one in the world he created himself. Shaped like a keyboard, it sounds similar to a harp with a magical echo. How would you like to experience this duo’s other-worldly interpretation of the world?


Robert Taira Wilson (ロバート・タイラ・ウィルソン)


We, the people that have seen Robert play on stage, can all agree that he’s got a talent that can’t be found in many people. You can tell that his music is great listening to his stuff online, but you won’t have that same awe and goosebumps as you do when he’s performing in front of you. “How is he creating those tricky melodies???” and “Why am I crying??” are some of the questions you’re going to be ask yourself when he’s on the stage.




The bond between two brothers that share a nerdy passion for music is strong, so strong that when they start playing together they are able to produce an impressive mix of dreamy pop rock and hiphop. Casting a wall of sound that will blow you away. With upbeat latin guitar chords woven into it all they are a guarantee for a good time!



Elliot Cormack(エリオット・コーマック)


The already incredibly talented  Elliot Cormack from ENTRADA has grown more confident and sure with his one-man band act over the last year. We are excited to have him on stage again to share his growth as a solo performer!


DJ Judgeman(DJ ジャッジマン)

Judgeman DJs with a style based in House or Techno, but has eyes and ears to adapt to the scene at hand. Pulling from whole range of sounds and approaches, his flexibility amplifies the mood of the night.