7月01日|MTM Presents: SUMMER BREEZE with SHAMANZ
7月01日|MTM Presents: SUMMER BREEZE with SHAMANZ
7月01日|MTM Presents: SUMMER BREEZE with SHAMANZ
7月01日|MTM Presents: SUMMER BREEZE with SHAMANZ
7月01日|MTM Presents: SUMMER BREEZE with SHAMANZ
7月01日|MTM Presents: SUMMER BREEZE with SHAMANZ

7月01日|MTM Presents: SUMMER BREEZE with SHAMANZ


We regret to inform you that our Summer Breeze event at surfers, Zushi today (July 1st) has been postponed.
We have made the difficult decision to postpone because of the bad weather, and to ensure the safety of all participants.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are sincerely sorry to inform you of this bad news.

For those who have already purchased a ticket, this ticket is still valid for August 27th. If for any reason you would like a refund, please contact us using one of the following methods shown below to receive a full refund.

For those who planned to come out today but are now free, there is a cool indie rock event happening today from 18:00 at Mame Romantic, Daikanyama (adv tickets 2800 yen check the website for more details). Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and keep the party going this rainy Saturday evening!

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.


2023年07月01日(土)に逗子の surfers で開催を予定していた Summer Breeze のイベントですが、悪天候の為、やむを得ず延期させていただく事を決定いたしました。


次回 Summer Breeze の予定は以下となります。

 会場:surfers, 逗子






Turtle Recall



日付|Date:7月01日 (土)・July 1st
時間|Time:OPEN 16:00・START 17:00
場所|Venue:surfers [Zushi, Kanagawa]
会費|Price: Door ¥5,000・Advanced ¥4,000・¥3,000 for Members 


  メンバー用割引チケットの入手方法 | How to get your free/discount ticket as a member:

 1) Eメールアドレスを使用し自分のアカウントへログインします。 
      Sign in with using your email address.  

 2) 商品をカートに入れる   
      Add the product to your cart.  

 3) 支払い画面にて会員割引コードを入力し、適用ボタンを押す
      Enter the member discount code.

このイベントの会員割引コード|This Event’s Member Discount Code:

* メンバーになって無料・割引のチケットを入手したい方はこちら
* Click here to learn more about MTM Membership


* 席について|About your seating *



There are limited seats available at the venue, and you will be served in order of arrival. If you’d like to save yourself a seat/ table, please ensure to arrive at the venue at the time it opens. You are able to line up in front of the venue 15 minutes before the opening time.

The venue has food menus too, so please be considerate for those who looks like they want to sit down with their meal. 


* 当日お越しする際のお願い|Conditions at the Venue *


The event may be cancelled if the weather is bad. In this case we will be announcing 
 this on all our social media platforms and website by 10AM on the day of
 the event.
Follow our socials here 



* アクセス|ACCESS *

  1. JR逗子駅前より送迎のシャトルカー
    始発は3:40pm  それ以降、毎時15分および40分発で、1時間に2本運行します。

  2. JR逗子駅、京急新逗子駅より徒歩25分

  3. タクシー:駅から約10分(1,000円ほど)

  4. 車:surfersから一番近い駐車場:逗子海岸ロードオアシス


  1. Shuttle Car from JR Zushi Station
    Available twice every hour at the 15 and 40 minute mark with the first shuttle leaving at 3:40 (then 4:15, 4:40, etc…).. Please wear a mask in the vehicle.

  2. 25 minutes walk from JR Zushi Station

  3. 10 minutes by Taxi (average of ¥1,000 depending on traffic)

  4. Car park available at:
    Kanagawa Prefecture road public corporation Zushi coast Parking 



【このイベントについて|ABOUT THIS EVENT】

More Than Music、いざ海へ!
逗子の海を見渡す surfers のテラス。2組 のミュージシャンとDJの素敵な演奏を聴きながら夕日を楽しみ、夏の風を肌で感じます。2023年の夏の思い出はこのイベントで!

More Than Music hits the beach! Join us at surfers, wine and dine at their tables, walk their private beach and enjoy the sunset, all the while listening to incredible live music to set the mood



【演奏者|The Music】

ニュージーランド生まれのフロントマン"TAMA TSUBOI”が率いる、湘南エリアを中心に活動する多国籍バンド。ジャンル・人種をクロスオーバーさせながら、Latin/Reggae/Acoustic Rockをベースに情熱的なサウンドを繰り広げる。TAMAの哀愁漂う歌声とメロディーは子供から年配の方まで人々の心を踊らせる。

Shamanz is a multinational band led by New Zealand-born frontman "TAMA TSUBOI”. While crossing over genres and races, Shamanz develops a passionate sound based on Latin / Reggae / Acoustic Rock. TAMA's exquisite voice and melody make people's hearts dance.



Turtle Recall
亀十 | 戌年の射手座

A Sagittarius in the Year of the Dog, KameJu has roots in Ishigaki Island, France, and now lives in Tokyo. He sings songs that unfolds the story from these three metropolitan cities.