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In April 2024, More Than Music (MTM) will host Concert and Festival Promoters and Bookers from Europe. To allow them to see the best that Japan has to offer, MTM will arrange for 6 days of concerts at venues around Tokyo – we’re calling this the “EXPO.” 

We intend to make this an annual event. While we aren’t fundamentally changing anything we’re already doing in organizing local events, we will be using our regular events as a pipeline to determine which bands are showcased for our European partners

We are viewing this as a three stage system that bands will progress through. It is not a competition! The best artists of various genres will be selected to perform in the Expo, but every band that makes it to the final stage will be submitted for consideration to our European partners. While we are confident in out system, it is solely up to the booking agents to fund any international tours to make their decision for any and all bands submitted.


Musicality Communication Workability Promotion Draw Stage presence Audience reaction

These categories above will be determined and graded by the MTM panel and feedback will be provided to the band at every step of the process.

Note: Throughout the process, we also consider reliability and consistency

Enrolling in the Expo Pipeline

  1. Bands will submit an application (See how below)
  2. MTM will provide best practices for promotion, communication, and workability
  3. MTM will request promotional material – live videos, professional photos, etc.
  4. Musicality check – are you ready to tour across Japan and internationally? 

Stage 1: A try out at MTM Events

  • MTM will book the show.  We will promote it to our members but expect artists to promote it as well.  We want bands that have their own following and put in the work
  • MTM will provide a videographer to create content for bands who move on to stage 2 (options available for video creations for artists interested)
  • Within 1 week of the show, MTM will provide feedback on evaluated criteria and offer advice.  If all metrics are met, we will begin working with you for Stage 2
  • If metrics are not met, More Tokyo Music events can be booked every 3 months if we have shows available 

Stage 2: Perform at MTM’s Signature Events

  • MTM will provide promotional materials created based off of Stage 1 event
  • MTM will provide videographer and photographer
  • MTM will expect improvements based off any recommendations given after Stage 1, if applicable.  MTM will provide more detailed feedback for fine tuning after the event
  • “MTM Presents” events typically have larger audiences, we will expect a professional level of effort

Stage 3: Play the EXPO

  • MTM will send promotional materials for every band that makes it past Stage 2 to our partners internationally and across Japan for consideration.  
  • MTM will provide more detailed expectations during the booking process



If you are a band in Japan and are interested in challenging yourself with this opportunity, this is your chance!!  

You can apply to the program by filling the application form online. Please keep in mind that we recommend to be prepared before you start!! Below are the lists of things we recommend you to have ready before proceeding to the application page.

Artist Details

Name, Members, Genre Of music

Artist Materials

Artist bio, Images, Videos

Contact Details

Main person in contact details


Social Media [ Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… ]
Music Distribution Platforms  [ Spotify, SoundCloud…

Apply Now!


If you are a venue, booking agent, event organiser or planner, festival organiser or planner, promoter, or in any field or music industry, feel free to connect with us! 

Fill out our contact form and let us know how you’d like to get involved with us.

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