How to reserve a discount/free ticket as a member

Thanks for signing up for the More Than Music Membership! We hope that it's a great fit for you and that you can enjoy many music shows in Tokyo with us.

Each event will have a list of members at the door, so as long as there is space at the event you can just show up, give your name and gain the discount/free access at the door.

However, if an event is sold out, you'll be turned away, so we recommend that you reserve your spot in advance. Find out how below.

Below are the steps to book a free / discounted member’s ticket:

(1) To reserve your spot at a show with the discount/free access, First go to the upcoming events page on our website and click on an event.

At the bottom of the event description and above the map, there are two lines, one in English and one in Japanese that describe the members value.  For example:

''Members redeem a free ticket to reserve your seat for the show here.

(2) Click on the hyperlink text. It will reload the event page. This time the website will be set to input your members discount code for you at the payment stage of the payment process.

(3) Add the number of tickets that you'd like to purchase.

(4) Go to your cart.

(5) The cart will initially display the total cost of tickets. Click the checkout button.

(6) The website will automatically input a members discount code for the event to provide you with a free ticket or discount at the payment stage.

If you are booking one free ticket as a member, purchase the ticket for the event at 0yen and this will act as a reservation, reserving you a spot at the event and granting you access in the case of a sellout show as long as you reserve your spot before the show sells out.

If you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out at anytime!

Also, if you have any feedback we'd be happy to hear it!  We've been organizing events for a while, but the membership concept is new for us.  We're launching it with our return to the scene, and hoping to improve the process through feedback during the founding period as we test it out.

Team More Than Music