Wild Stomp’s New Single Release: Lasalle - by Michele Tanabe

Daydreams of lazy weekends at the beach with feet buried in the sand, bites of salty watermelon, and tangerine sunsets are typically tucked away for those rainy day moments when better weather is on the mind. That is, unless someone or something unleashes them.  It’s like Pandora’s box, except the only bad thing that happens is the personal desire to pack up everything and go to a body of water as soon as possible.  Part of heading to the beach is the journey, and whether it’s by train, bicycle, or in the back of a sporty red convertible, music always will accompany the journey.   

If I were to choose one song to accompany me on the aforementioned journey, it would be Wild Stomp’s new single Lasalle. With roughly a three-year hiatus, we’ve been drooling for this musically versatile group to drop a new hit and the timing could not be better! Lasalle begins with the velvety and sensual voice of lead singer Zucca enveloped with idle dreamy guitar that suddenly shifts into an upbeat tempo paralleling city pop speckled with seafoam from the bright beaches of your daydreams.  To uncover the inspiration of instrumentation, you’d need to look into the likes of Shoegaze, Bossa Nova, and even riffs taken from Doom Metal, notes lead guitarist Mark.  Wild Stomp pulls from a multitude of favorites creating their own unique sound that is not only intoxicating but also lyrically provocative. 

You’ll find quite a lot of imagery painted between the lines, which as a writer and self-proclaimed poet, I appreciate. Beginning with “Thought I never fall for you, you never last...but the sweetest high possessed my peace of mind,” emphasizes mixed feelings and fluidity often found at the beginnings of a potential spark. The song continues in Japanese highlighting longing and apprehension, rising body temperature and fluttering hearts.  Each verse in Lasalle draws you further and further away from the comfort of the sands and into the even more sensual and stimulating depths of the ocean. “You slip below as toes curl, like waves we roll sweating cold, we dive for pearls we unfurl” can’t help but elicit an involuntary bite of the lower lip. This writer might need a glass of cold water because the temperature certainly is rising with Wild Stomp’s sexy new single Lasalle.  

Find the full song here and look out for Wild Stomp’s Single Release Party live on May 6th at Mame Romantic.