Song Introduction: Tokyo Godfathers - Caravan

The hour is late and the only thing young about this night remaining is that pure carnal desire. Many of us know the feeling well. Perhaps too well. So well in fact that the taste of lust has turned bitter and dry, and the night is no longer a haven but a desert. Tokyo Godfathers are the wolves prowling the dunes and ‘Caravan’ is their howl.



Tokyo Godfathers’ ‘Caravan’ is a 3 minute odyssey through the sands. The wretched melody of the guitar hints at a deep regret, while the languid and distressed heartbeat of the cajon and double bass drive caravan forward. The journey is concluded with the staggered and choked funk guitars tearing overhead above the band's solemn and desperate Latin grooves.

Check out Tokyo Godfathers on Saturday June 19th at Shibuya 7th Floor alongside the Tama Tsuboi Trio and Robert Taira Wilson.