Song Introduction: The Forester - The Swing

It’s a Sunday. You awaken groggily to find yourself in your bed with your nearest and dearest love beside you. You are cradled in their arms with their lips just above your forehead as if they are about to kiss you at any moment. Suddenly and sweetly, the kiss comes and your eyes widen to a smile of warmth and welcome. The overwhelming peace takes over your heart and your eyes close for a few more minutes of rest. This is the undeniably innocent essence that fills The Forester’s sweet lullaby ‘The Swing’. 



If you feel Jose Gonzalez is a little too down on himself most of the time or if you feel that The Beatles didn’t spread their influence far enough in their time, then you need the reaffirmation that The Forester's ‘The Swing’ provides. Some of us exist on a plain where the grim and the gritty are omnipresent, but every now and again it is healthy for us to allow songs like ‘The Swing’ to play in the background on a Sunny afternoon as we pour a coffee, do some finger painting, pot a few plants or something equally wholesome and life affirming.

The Forester will be joining Robert Taira Wilson and Veronica Veronico on Saturday July 17th at Kagurane.