MTM Spotify Playlist #2: Robert Taira Wilson, Kyoto Protocol and more...

Today our Spotify 2021 playlist grows by 11. It's been awhile since our last update so we wanted to make up for lost time. Since May we have had new releases from many of our favourite artists locally and internationally.

Robert Taira Wilson reached to the depths and brought back a blackened rainbow with the sublime 'Blackbird'. The Soul and R'n'B mistresses, Laya and FiJA, continued on their missions to deepen our relationships with ourselves with 'It's On You' and 'What's On Your Mind?' respectively.

Malaysia's Kyoto Protocol threw their new single 'Nothing Lasts Forever' at the wall reminding us that early 2000's rockers such as The Subways or The Editors had an edge that is sorely missed in the pop charts these days. The UK's Scruff of the Neck presented us with the UK's best answer to the zoomer generation's middle-finger pop antics, Lucy Deakin and her latest single 'actin like you're famous', a scathing critique of delusional folks who are far too full of themselves.

LITE and DE DE MOUSE's 'Samidare' reminded us that beneath the pop chicanery of the Japanese charts are savagely talented artists who could care less about making hits and would rather surge sonic waves in search of more personal meaning.

Alongside the new releases we find ripper compositions from new acquaintances to More Than Music, Wang Dang Doodle and YOTOWN. On 'I Gotta Go', Wang Dang Doodle give us the soundtrack to a proper Japanese blues rock party. YOTOWN's 'Out Of The Blue' plays a more laidback counterpart the rockier efforts on our playlist with a gorgeously subtle contemporary City Pop track. Two very different tracks but worth every dance step you have in your feet.

Follow our Spotify playlist ‘MTM presents: 2021’ and keep listening.

Robert Taira Wilson - Blackbird
Wang Dang Doodle - I Gotta Go
FiJA - What's On Your Mind?
Kyoto Protocol - Nothing Lasts Forever
LITE x DE DE MOUSE - Samidare
PeopleJam - Brain Snatcher
Lucy Deakin - actin like you're famous
YOTOWN - Out Of The Blue
Laya - It's On You
Yellow Studs - とある少女