Song Review: Laya - Baby Come Back

On ‘Baby Come Back’ the Tokyo Princess Laya bares her more affectionate side to the world. Typically Laya is better known for her more lusty and raunchy compositions as she fearlessly expresses her sexuality but this time we can hear Laya ruminate and reminisce about a long lost romance.

Once again, she is powered along by a thumping R’n’B beat but a somber yet sumptuous Latinesque guitar hints at the sorrow Laya bears in her lyrics. Listening to ‘Baby Come Back’ you can practically feel Laya reaching out and grasping the air for a love long gone. It is always refreshing to see artists change gears in their mode of expression, but it is even more exciting to see them succeed in that endeavor as Laya has on ‘Baby Come Back’.

If tender slices of Pop and R’n’B are your thing then ‘Baby Come Back’ is for you.

Catch it live on April 17th.