Song Introduction: Hanah Spring - Music the Magic (feat. Emi Tawata)

 With ‘Music the Magic’, the Kanagawa native, Hanah Spring, continues building a legacy of solid Soul and R’n’B. This time with the help of Emi Tawata.

At first glance, ‘Music the Magic’ is a paired back and stripped down soul joint with a wonderful hooky chorus for all to sing along to.

On repeat listens, one might find the opposite to be true as the instrumentation hosts a minor plethora of musical treats layered throughout. The drums take center stage and clear the air for the odd scratchings of turntables, invoking the Hip Hop gods of old.

The horn-like string work underpinning the chorus is bound to endow listeners with a little nostalgia for moments they enjoyed with Earth, Wind and Fire and Kool and the Gang.

Lyrically, the song might find itself at home on a Disney soundtrack and if you’re not a fan of Mulan or Pocahontas as I am, that might not be to your taste. But make no mistake, Hanah and Emi are not musicians for the pedestrian listener.

The strangely ethereal chords from Hanah’s guitar hangs relaxed, almost lazily, in the air like a faint aroma of flowers. Hanah and Emi’s voices themselves drip with honey throughout the mix. The bass walks at a brisk and purposed pace through the haze, bidding listeners to follow.

‘Music the Magic’ is Hanah and Emi’s homage to the driving force of their lives. Deep within every note and every beat is born the beauty of living, and whether you believe in a higher power or not, few can doubt the magic of music.

For fans of: Takuya Kuroda, Coma-Chi, UEBO