Song Introduction: Johnsons Motorcar - Johnny is a Rovin’ Blade

‘What will you do when the whiskey’s gone?’

An ever pertinent question to ask, even more so in this era of Japan’s prohibition. It’s the first of 3 questions that Johnsons Motorcar poses to a young man in their Irish jig ‘Johnny is a Rovin’ Blade’. And if you didn’t know the answer to each of these questions will be to drink some more, than you don’t know the Irish as well as you should.

The lyrics are simple and catchy, the music upbeat and full of energy, encapsulating the lifestyle of young man untethered to responsibility. The joyous vibe is made for the belly of the Titanic so Leo and Kate can continue on with their carefree dance, or for any crowded, smoke-filled dance hall where the young and old alike want to cut loose.

If you’re a young man (or woman!) free of responsibilities, come out and dance along to this tune May 14th at 吉祥寺WARP.