Song Introduction: Elliot Cormack - Today’s the Last Day (Acoustic)

Once humanity has burned the Earth to the ground and the 6th extinction is complete a single sapling will emerge from the ashen rubble of our mistakes and so the new cycle will begin. The remaining bipeds will either bear the scarred memories of the past or they will have lost the gift of knowledge all together. Either way, Mother Nature will have set the clock back to zero and the near eradication of us arrogant primates will reset her long lost balance. I can only imagine this is what Elliot Cormack intended in writing Entrada’s underground anthem ‘Today’s the Last Day’. It’s all wild speculation of course but if you listen closely I think you’ll agree I’m not far off the mark.

On this acoustic version of ‘Today’s the Last Day’, Elliot turns the Electro Pop hit into a wholly new animal. The cadence of the steel strings ringing through the hollow wooden guitar alludes to a somber and dull pain, as if Cormack grieves the loss of something or someone dear.

But there is defiance in his voice. A defiance that resonates through the slower tempo and says that even though he has tasted defeat, even though he may yet die, he will fight tooth and nail to survive. ‘Today’s the Last Day’ is a song that belongs to these dark days of ours indeed, but the night is darkest before the dawn and Elliot Cormack and his guitar will be there to hold our hand through it.

Catch him at his next live performance on June 6th