Show Review: April 24th MTM X Aries City Presents: Jumeaux, Afrodyty, SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB

Back again, with a fantastic set of acts in store for the night, the crowd couldn’t have been more eager to see the performances. 7th Floor looks over the Dogenzaka area of Shibuya and includes a comfortable ambiance within the venue, which is why we love it’s unique atmosphere so much.


To start off the night, Jumeaux kicked off the evening with a bang. The trio, consisting of Lyle, Yuudai, and Koudai, maintained an energy-filled level of consistency throughout their set. It’s impressive to see how well Jumeaux works together. Their chemistry is excellent, and you can tell how close the three of them are. They took space to slow down and acknowledge an audience member’s birthday, to which we all sang happy birthday. It was a sweet moment, and it showed how thoughtful and sweet Jumeaux are. People want more of Jumeaux; they practically asked for an encore, which ended their set on a great note.


Later on in the evening, Afrodyty came on set. A Black Goddess, she smoothly presented herself on stage. Afrodyty’s aura is like a bright orange mixed with indigo or violet. Her creativity speaks through her music, but her presence gives off an old soul vibe that is spiritual and grounded. Afrodyty knows how to engage the crowd, whether it's with her dancing or her quality banter. Songs like “ I’m An Alien,” “Barefoot,” and “Dinosaurs Can Love Too” exemplified Afrodyty’s talent and love for her craft, and the crowd loved every second of her performance. She got an encore and chose to perform “I’m An Alien,” which was a wise choice because, at the end of the day, we’re all gaijin living in Tokyo; well, quite a few of us that night.

To cap off the night was SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB. Like a shark whose dorsal fin peaks through the water as it makes its way towards its prey, SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB caught us all unguarded. As you’ve already read through their artist introduction, you would know they have an improv jazz style. To read about it is one thing, but to see their performance in person is a spectacle. Until the end of their performance, which included a ballistic encore, SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB’s energy was to the moon. People were dancing fervently, not only in the crowd but also on the stage. One of their members was an interpretive dancer who let the music flow through him. The show isn’t just a musical performance, but art being created right in front of you. There’s no understanding of where it will go or how it will transform. Still, the excitement of being in their proximity is tremendous.

These shows are for us, the fans. This is what being a fan is all about; coming to see live music, discovering a new feeling, and jamming out. This is how it goes down at the More Than Music shows, and we hope to see you turn up with us next time!