Show Review: April 22nd Craft Beer Unplugged with Robert Taira Wilson

A handsome young bloke greets you at the door. Warm applause welcomes everyone. The tranquil sound of a British voice and strums of a guitar sets the friendly mood. Back again at the  Craft Beer and Whiskey Bar Hachōbori Garden, the night begins, and Robert Taira Wilson is ready.

Performing songs like “ Through the Fiber,” “Dragonfly,” and “ Xthlx,” Wilson craftily introduces each song with a story. Every story carefully depicts the inspiration behind each song, granting the audience further understanding of the man himself. Robert always sets the mood before he mesmerizes us with his talent - he’s that smooth, ladies and gentlemen. These songs could be new, they could be well-worn, but hearing them live gives a uniquely fresh outlook.

Throughout the show, there were many laughs and heartfelt moments that connected us all to be present and enjoy the evening. Each intermission allowed for people to socialize, drink, and be merry.  Because of their wide selection of whisky and craft beer, the Hachōbori Garden had everyone feeling right in their cozy venue. A warm presence is felt when good spirits are around, and that’s what makes these unplugged events so unique and precious. To witness the magic is exceptional, and if you want to see more of Robert’s charm, he’ll be performing again in good time.