October 23rd Show Review with Yotown, MAKISOUL, and FiJA

10/23’s show felt great. There are so many words to describe the performances, but when I tell you, being there was an experience in itself.

Starting off, we were back at the 7th Floor in Shibuya. We love them! Whether it's the view or the vibes inside, it’s always good to be there.

From when the doors open to the point FiJA jumps on stage and wooed us with her sultry voice, the anticipation for the night gradually increased. Seeing FiJA perform and hearing her voice only solidifies that she is in her natural element. Regardless of the other people in the audience, it feels like FiJA is singing to you personally. Something about her mystical ways is so enticing that it makes you want to crumble.  Her singles "Taste," "Painkiller," and "What's On Your Mind?" all resonated with the audience deeply. Even her covers called out to members to sing along, and it's always great when we can participate.


Slide onto MAKISOUL, and their sound is just eclectic. At the beginning of their set, similarities of our mates at SLOPEUPSESSIONCLUB could be found; jazz, funk, rock, and overall improvisation. The way each band member plays their instrument powerfully, you’d think they perform for the whole world. From there, the group smoothly transitioned to their rendition of "Everybody Loves A Sunshine '' by Roy Ayers, and man was it amazing. After all that, all bets were off for MAKISOUL. The group has talent, and watching them gives off a natural high that causes one to lose all senses of inhibition. However, just as you're losing yourself to their sound, they cradle you back to reality with a gentle tune. Want to find MAKISOUL online? Well, that's going to be difficult; the only way to get a taste is to see them at their next show!


Last but definitely not least is our friend, YOTOWN. Seeing YOTOWN perform was and is always a joyous occasion. The group knows how to play the crowd, curating their sound to be just right. They give the audience a pep in the step, a swig in the jig, and a groove to the move. Their songs "Bubble" and "Dive" are always a fan favorite, and for obvious reasons, they are outstanding songs.  Where "Dive" is one of their slower songs, "Bubble" picks up right where "Dive" left off. If only there was more time in the night to keep watching YOTOWN because their performances are always a spectacle, and they constantly keep you wanting more. 

Stay tuned for more shows down the line because we've got some big things in store for you. If there's one thing to take away from the 10/23 show, it's that wherever you are in the world, there's only one place that you should be, and that's at an MTM show. Until next time folks!