Song Introduction: Josiah Hawley - TT (Twice cover)

K-pop’s storied success is an interesting and unique tale of the incredibly talented and viciously dedicated young musicians and performers of Korea storming the charts all around the world. Seeing foreign artists succeed momentarily in the English speaking charts is nothing new but it is unprecedented to see a whole wave of kith and kin surging through the world and being so universally celebrated and adopted despite the barriers that may usually separate us. In a homage to that bridging of borders, Josiah Hawley gives us a lovely English language rendition of Twice’s 2016 hit ‘TT’.

Twice’s original disco pop version of ‘TT’ was a flaring and ballistic candy cane assault on the senses, adored to this day by fans worldwide. With Josiah at the helm, the song gains new depth and maturity. Where there were once candy canes, now there are heart-shaped, whiskey-filled dark chocolates. The sheen of Josiah’s serene vocals momentarily rusts as he croons away, adding to the sense that ‘TT’s former innocence may have left the chat. Sheen or rust aside, there is no stopping the rush of lust that Josiah's words bring.


On top of that, a lone guitar slithers in the background, chiming like the Motown heroes of yore. Jimmy Nolen himself would be proud of Josiah’s silky finger work and thick, rounded tone. As Josiah’s right hand cuts into the strings for a heavy swing, his left hand weaves beautifully intricate jazz chords handed to us by our forefathers. But this is Josiah Hawley we’re talking about. In reality this is not magic. This is a very talented man using his musical slights of hand to give his signature take on a K-pop titan’s contemporary classic hit. The result is a sultry and warm ballad with a bright catchy sing-along chorus. What’s not to love?

Josiah Hawley will be bringing that sultry warmth to Kichijoji Warp this Saturday June 12th.


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