Do you know? ... Chris Baluyut

Chris Baluyut came to Tokyo in his formative years, at the moldable age of 24. He was forged in Tokyo like so many of us, a lump of fresh steel tempered in between the concrete and the glass, looking for his soul. In this tundra of emotions his music community was the hearth to warm himself by.  More than Music is proud to be among that community.  Musicians and music-lovers alike come together in a way that feels like a roaring fire in a blizzard. 

After 5 years of exploring, Baluyut returned to New York but before he left he wrote his swan song to his time in Tokyo “Everything Goes”. This occasion seems to mark the time he truly found his voice. Losing none of the feeling, he infused his music with subtle synths and washed his vocals in electronic echo. The result is atmospheric and moody, dark even, like dark clouds building after a hot summer day. 

Now he brings you “Come Back To The World”. It is a fragile piece of songified poetry, starting out small with just a guitar and Chris singing in a high voice, but then around a minute in, the electronic bass makes the track feel full. Pregnant with melancholia the lyrics are about a feeling too many people are familiar with in this day and age, have I done enough to help a loved one? The line “But when you seemed you weren’t okay I didn’t think to scream out loud, Loud enough to hear, under all the fear” .

“Come Back To The World” is a melancholic dreamscape filled with pain and fear but also catharsis. The last sentence, “That I know when it’s all over, I'll say you saved me now” ties a string of hope around the song. It will fit neatly in your playlists along with “Bon Iver”, “Sufjan Stevens” and “James Blake”.  

Next time it rains and gray clouds cast shadows over your mood and you are staring out of a window into the unforgiving world, give “Come Back To The World” a thorough listen. 



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