Artist Introduction: rikeylittleforest

Long ago in a time of gods, monsters and heroes, there were said to exist a species of elementals. The nymphs. The enchanting maiden nymphs moved through the land, the seas, the mountains and the skies and existed simply as joyous deities of love, beauty and nature. But these are only myths, and the nymph-like rikeylittleforest is no myth indeed.

While rikey is no doubt highly educated in music, having studied the classics and more, one could argue she is seemingly holding back a tidal wave of ability and instead has elected to showcase a flair for the minimal in her music.

Her compositions flourish with momentary and fleeting shows of the extraordinary. Whether she is bending the key for atonal flashes or expanding the accepted bounds of folk and electronic music, rikey’s less-is-more mantra is constantly evident.

Many artists are adept at layering their instrumentation with note after note of intricate and fun musical minutiae, but rikeylittleforest appears to have this 6th sense for knowing exactly how much is too much. As a result, her songs are simultaneously simple and accessible while also being flavorful and textured. Listen to ‘embraced’ and you will hear a song that is lyrically longing but is playful in its undertones.

Rikeylittleforest may not in fact be a real life nymph but she is as close as we may get to a nature-loving spirit of music.

Come see rikeylittleforest on April 3rd at Shimokitazawa Half Moon Hall

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