Artist Introduction: Satoshi Kanno

People tend to forget that electronic music is not just some fad or trend made for EDM artists to seduce swathes of festival goers but actually it has a long and storied history. From the early synth pioneerings of Genesis and Kraftwerk, to the industrial groans and wails of Nine Inch Nails and Throbbing Gristle, and way way beyond. Electronic music is just as deeply ingrained in our cultures as much as blues or jazz.

The electro explorer Satoshi Kanno is one such musician who revels in his musical culture. His pieces are like some kind of electro museum dedicated to his forerunners, with odd breaks of chiptune crackling here, moments of namco style drum and bass pulsing there, and hints of trance everywhere. Kanno is certainly a connoisseur of the finest beats available. 

Don’t misunderstand however and go thinking that the halls of Kanno’s museum are cobwebbed and full of dusty Moogs and Korgs. Not only is he a connoisseur, but he is also curator who works with deft and clear precision. While there are the J Dilla’s of the production world who are happy to cut and chop with a lighter hand and enjoy the imperfections of their work, Kanno appears to be one such artist who leaves nothing up to chance.

Come watch Satoshi Kanno play on April 3rd at Shimokitazawa Half Moon Hall.