Artist Introduction: Sans Danesin Tokyo

The 90’s was a strange and interesting time for rock. Men with dreadlocks started screaming about their depression and hatred. Guitarists decided 6 strings wasn’t enough. DJs and Producers joined the ranks of future heavy metal titans. Artists such as 311, Fishbone, and Sublime saw their stars rise as they came original with their strange blends of reggae, ska and funk with heavy metal and hard rock. The new two tone arrived and by the end of the early 2000s it was gone. Times have since moved on but Reggae Rockers San Danesin didn’t get the memo.

Tokyo-based Sans Danesin are one of the few remaining bands to proudly fly the flag for such genre bending and let me tell you, that flag flies at full force tearing through the wind. Songs such as “We Gonna Rock” shows us a band that is determined to party while ‘Mary Jane’ gives us a cool little ditty to chill out and light up. With swinging and swaying melodies, choppy staccato guitars, and thick chewy bass lines, Sans Danesin are deserving of your hollering and dancing.

Catch the Friday May 14th at 吉祥寺WARP