Artist Introduction: Omni Sight

With Omni Sight you will find something seemingly familiar but wholly recognizable from what you know. It seems Motohiko Sato (L.E.D.) and Naoki Hirai (ex-BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, ex-ORIGINAL LOVE) are privy to some extra-terrestrial secrets, as Omni Sight’s sound has a distinctly alien feel to it. Churning Electronica beats, syncopated Jazz trickery and off-kilter oscillations are only the beginning of Omni Sights weird sound architecture. It certainly gets weirder. 

Beneath the conventional skills of Motohiko and Naoki are layers of increasingly weirder textures. Samples of organic and ambient sounds mixed with haunting and grinding synthesizers hint at places beyond our planetary borders. Flecks of static and chiptune reflect the presence of eyes on technology and the role it can and will play in shaping our aural future.

Perhaps Omni Sight is a gift from a higher intelligence. Perhaps Motohiko and Naoki are acquainted with said higher intelligence. Perhaps it is simply two men with a perception and understanding of music quite different to their contemporaries and their juniors. Whatever the case, these two men have a very unique approach to their art and are happy to welcome you into their visions of the beyond.

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Or catch live in Tokyo, May 15th at 渋谷HOME