Artist Introduction: Aries City

In the modern day, it is no longer enough for artists to simply set up at a pub and play Blues and Jazz covers or to make replica prints of classic pieces by the greats of old and hope that someone will just notice you and pay you. No, now you need to make something with real intent and real heart, and unwaveringly own it and commit to it and put yourself out there in front for all to see. This was the intention when Mark Horbury took up the name of ‘Aries City’.

You can often catch him writing music and playing guitar with the Nu-Funk band, Wild Stomp. Sometimes you’ll find him writing, researching and organising events and SNS for More Than Music. And when time allows, you’ll find him painting and drawing bizarre abstract pieces of art. As a member of More Than Music, you can expect to see the Aries City name adorning future shows alongside more amazing artists, be it the grooviest funk, the heaviest metal, or the most soulful R’n’B. You never know, Aries City may even take to the stage himself.


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