There’s Something About Moon Romantic... - By Michele Tanabe

Tucked in the hills of Aoyama, this mysterious moonlit venue hosts a More than Music collaborative event beckoning newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts for a much-needed midweek musical respite. 

Weekends can be tough to maneuver, especially for music lovers balancing their social, work, and family lives.  As a new mom and busy freelancer, I’ve struggled to find the best way to tie my love for music and my need for social interaction together while also keeping my essential “veg-out” weekend day at home safely intact. Luckily, More than Music has offered this weekday solution for busy music aficionados.  Welcoming newcomers headlining for the first time as well as seasoned favorites, this weekly event harbors musicians from all walks of niche music subgenres.   

“Play and dance in the luminesce of Moon Romantic” 

 On the first night of the event series, I was swept away by Les Tanoshi Cumbia’s Latin sound, which fused violin, accordion, guitar, and drums in a way that both relaxed and energized listeners. 

It was impossible to stay seated during the set, and everyone was soon up on their feet dancing to the beat. Along with their own original songs, they included fun covers such as my all-time favorite “Rinda Rinda.”


Following their act was Mayowa Sensei, a transportive artist who is said to be inspired by Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and R&B. Accompanied by Takeru on guitar, Yu on bass, and Emi on drums, this amazing group led by Mayowa, rallied the audience into singing along to cult-favorite tunes.  Mayowa’s heart-stopping voice and stage presence draws fans and newcomers together in pure melodic-bopping bliss.  


Each lineup is studded with new artists and exciting songs usually encompassing an overall symphonic theme that unites together to create a perfectly curated arrangement.  It’s hard not to get lost in the vibe. After finding a seat on a more recent Wednesday, I was practically glued in place as I found myself lost in the fictional worlds I had assembled with my musical guides: flutist Seko Mizuki, followed by TOW. These two acts, very different sides of the same coin, perfectly encapsulated my childhood memories of watching Ghibli movies and playing Japanese video games. It was hard not to imagine myself, sword in hand, wandering through fictional green meadows while making friends with obscure characters and solving side quests. 

“I found myself lost in fictional worlds I had assembled with my musical guides…”

As I soon became a regular of the mid-week experience, I was welcomed by familiar faces.  I’m drawn in with a fist bump or a friendly nod from a comrade I got to know the week before.  Justin, More than Music’s founder, can't help but introduce newcomers into the fold by shaking hands and introducing them to others.  Soon, the new kid on the block is another regular bridging in more friends to enjoy what everyone is there for to begin with, Tokyo’s “cream of the crop” in the live music scene.   

It’s no surprise that you’ll discover your next favorite band at More than Music’s “More Tokyo Music” event series. Head on over after your workday has ended, and play and dance in the luminesce of Moon Romantic every Wednesday for the foreseeable future. 

If you want to come to an event at Moon Romantic click here!

Written by Michele Tanabe, 

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