Spotify Playlist: February 2021

These days it’s hard to talk about anything without mentioning COVID-19 and it’s wretched yet mysterious origins. But we won’t linger on it too long. It’s happening. That’s all there is to it.

While it’s been happening, More Than Music has been waiting in the shadows, like a ravenous hound hunting it’s next meal. February 2021, we already had a roster of wonderful artists lined up to give you night after night of joyous music. Unfortunately machinations have been put on hold and our hunger continues.

In the meantime, we wanted to give you a look into what we dreamed February 2021 would taste like, as no doubt you are hungry too. Delve into our little February 2021 playlist and sink your teeth into some old favorites and future bangers. Start with the Techno Punk tirade of Yowamushi Club, running down to the Funkified feels of Josiah Hawley, sliding over to ambient auras of Demsky and ending up curled in bed with the Latin lust of Tama Tsuboi (Shamanz).

Yowamushi Club (弱虫倶楽部)
The Dirty-Ts
Josiah Hawley
The Shamisenist
Robert Taira Wilson
Yamasaki Sou (ヤマサキソウ)
Eva Kestner
Yui Stonewell
Tokyo Godfathers (東京ゴッドファーザー)
Taba Tsuboi Trio (Shamanz)

February is long gone and we have lamented the effort spent and lost, but with the conclusion of March More Than Music intends to bring you a new feast to satiate your hunger.

Check out our upcoming live shows beginning in April.

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