Song Introduction: Robert Taira Wilson - Bridge Over Man Made

Robert’s random bridge facts #98: The Akashi Kaikyou spans 1,991 meters in length, making it the longest suspension in the world as it connects the Honshu and Shikoku main islands. What does this mean exactly? It means that Robert Taira Wilson has at least 97 other bridge facts and it means he has a potentially unhealthy obsession with the structures considering he has a rather delightful little tune called ‘Bridge Over Man Made’. 

Opening with a sunflower melody, ‘Bridge Over Man Made’ breezes into existence. Robert’s glassy vocals give clarity to the melancholy of this tale. To be completely honest, this is one of Robert’s more lyrically ambiguous efforts. Whatever issue the man is dealing with it is no doubt very entertaining singing along to lines such as “run around the corner with you in my bed head” and “throw the baby out with the bath water”. Again, no idea where this is coming from. But the man obviously has something on his mind.

At the interim of the song, Robert’s orchestral nature kicks in and he treats us to a bridge that is at once raging and stampeding as well as lilting and soothing. It’s almost as if Robert's guitar takes your hand like an old friend and offers a warm embrace amidst a tumultuous life crisis. A skill of composition that few other musicians are capable of, let alone performing with only one set of vocals, a guitar, and a drum set. 

Just as many musicians are no stranger to vices, Robert may be in deep with his addiction to bridges, but if bridges can inspire this kind of beauty, I’m willing to let Robert be.



Check out this hilariously mistake ridden but no less entertaining version of ‘Bridge Over Man Made’ and see how real master musicians like Robert never skip a beat.

We will see you this June 6th for Robert Taira Wilson and Elliot Cormack's show at Art Atelier in Sumida.

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