Song Review: Eva Kestner - Wild Wind

The world over there are legendary pilgrimages to be undertaken, the Kumano-Kodo in West Japan for instance has been travelled by monks for centuries. These trails grew in such popularity that even Emperors deigned to endure the month long march to the treasures of Kumano. These were and are sacred travels that one partakes in as a practice of spirituality and if those ventures had a soundtrack at all, they might sound a lot like Eva Kestner’s ‘Wild Wind.’

‘Wild Wind’ wonders slowly, meandering with Eva’s Taiko drums steadily and gently.  Shakuhachi-like flutes ebb and flow in and out of the piece like eagles hovering on the breeze overlooking the forests. From the tips of the hairs on your arms to the ground beneath your feet, Eva’s voice resonates and echoes throughout your body.

For those looking to commit to an exercise in soul searching, Eva’s music is the companion that will walk beside you as you take to the stone paths. The beat of the drums will pick you up when your feet blister and burn. The chorus will hold you up as you face the you inside. Eva’s soft voice will urge you ever onwards to the enlightenment and self discovery that we all crave.

Enjoy Eva Kestner’s ‘Wild Wind’ at Shibuya 7th Floor on 04/10

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