Song Review: Afrodyty - Dinosaurs Can Love Too

If you had to pick a dinosaur to be, which one would you choose? Would you be the voracious Tyrannosaurus Rex, the majestic Brachiosaurus, or the undoubtedly snazzy Triceratops? Sorry for excluding Velociraptor, Pterodactyl, and all other dinosaurs; there are too many to name. The next question would be, can dinosaurs love? After many years of research and the help of one inquisitively-hip woman, along with her team, the answer is, yes, dinosaurs can love too!! Huzzah!!

Afrodyty, a pearl in a sea of coal, has blessed us with this pop-like bubbly song that makes you want to do a little jig in your pajamas without caring who is around, as I often do when listening to songs that I’m about. This fun song is the vibe to get you feeling right. Had the dinosaurs heard this song before the asteroid hit the planet, maybe they would have come to their senses and protected themselves better. Damnit dinos!

Laced with enticing vocals, quirky notes, and possibly a Yoshi soundbite, this funky track is definitely great when played loudly. You get the nerves tingling and the sense to want to dance, which is what I love about this song the most. The vibe is chill, and the audience will surely be in a good mood when the DJ drops it.

This video shows the possibility of a dino, in this case, the revered T-Rex, exploring the realms of love with a beautiful black queen. The two meet, the smiles connect, and the feelings flourish. After some downtime and quietness, love prevails and shows its proper form. 

Cheers and applause go to Afrodyty to matching the flow of the melody. By the looks of the video, you can clearly see that it was properly directed, and the people at Funtime productions, need I say it, had fun. Which is great because we all need some fun in our lives too, right? If that enjoyment means a little lovin’ as well, then that only proves the point that dinosaurs can love too.

Catch her live April 24th.

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