Show Review: May 15th MTM Presents: Demsky, Ry, Omni Sight

Many of us have traveled from distant lands to be here in Tokyo. Even though it’s great to be living here, there’s no place like Home. Home in Shibuya, that is. That’s where we had our most recent event, and the owners opened up their humble abode to us for a lovely show.

To get us in the vibe was none other than our guy Demsky. Always a fan favorite, Demsky was the captain that steered us down the strait of his musical prowess. The ethereal harmonies and beats had heads bopping and knees flexing. Through his music, Demsky synergistically communicated to us; we were all pulsating back his energy. Demsky presented us with a chill hop song about Nara prefecture in West Japan. It emanated peace, tranquility, and serenity, like the prefecture itself. It had a celestial feel to it, as if it wasn’t created in this world. As a surprise, Demsky brought on his friend, Gan, for a unique collaboration with the tablas. The duet added an earthy essence to the collection of songs that Demsky presented us with. As a captain, Demsky safely guided us back home with a perfect closer that eased the landing and made us want to go on another trip.

Following Demsky’s stellar performance, Ry jumped on stage next. He enabled us to enter his zone with sonically soothed tones. Ry’s guitar skills are soulful; it shows how he plays and connects with the music. Hints of early-Coldplay were felt in the atmosphere (think Parachutes if Chris Martin had been best friends Thom Yorke), but Ry stands on his own with a platform that will reach its own tremendous heights. The drummer was playing our hearts, controlling the pulse, each beat delving deeper into our feelings. Ry’s talented performance blew us all away. His ability to reach a high pitch captivated the crowd and brought us to the top of the mountain,never letting us down. Ry’s last song of choice, his immanent new single ‘Life Force’, sent us out on a good note, and kept us wanting more.

Like a breath of fresh air, like a glass of freshwater, all the way from Kyoto, Omni Sight entered the building. All of a sudden, as a saxophone pierces the air so eloquently, drums begin to slowly kick into our feet, as the bass’ vibrations surround our bodies. The trio is a single force that provides a magnetic feel, pulling you into their sound. Their funkification was ever present and unstoppable. Omni Sight kept playing so we could keep grooving. It was an endless sensation. The music was intrinsic, the performance was majestic, and the feeling was magical. From beginning to end, Omni Sight killed the whole show, and we were all witnesses. They ended the night with a gradual descent that was well applauded and appreciated, but just when we thought it was over, they graced us with an encore.

To cap it off, it was a spectacular event. Omni Sight, a band from Kyoto, we look forward to having them again. If you missed them this time, pray that you can see them in the future. Ry’s performance was soul-touching and mind-blowing. Hearing them was like being ripped off your feet by a gentle tornado. Finally, Demsky, a talent who continues to repeatedly outdo himself, is always well appreciated and this show is no different. Only these words can express how fantastic this show was. Until the next time!




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