Show Review: April 3rd MTM Presents Demsky, Rikeylittleforest, Satoshi Kanno, Noman

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. When you finally reach the endpoint, a moment of relief is felt, and all seems well in the world. That’s the vibe that was circulating this past Saturday; a moment of ease. With a magnificent lineup, we were ready to put on a display for our talented listeners.

Noman kicked off the night. There’s little to be found out there on Noman, but the performance Saturday night showed that echoes of Shuhari still guide his craftsmanship. It was an ambient vibe that ebbed and flowed with time, creating momentary walls of sound and held an intensity to hush the crowd. It’s no wonder he chose the image of the sea to pair with his first song.

Satoshi Kanno, with his skills, the crowd was smoothly swayed. Along with intrinsic visuals and unique sounds, he could lure us all in with his talent. The way Satoshi Kanno was able to play with the crowd’s emotions was captivating. There were people there who listened intensively during his set, and others were simply vibin’ to his sounds. At times it felt like we were riding a wave. Satoshi would bring us high with his pace but then crash us low with the bass. Satoshi Kanno put on an excellent performance, and we’re excited to see how he evolves.

Rikeylittleforest was a stunning performance. She hooked all of us when she started to sing with her beautiful voice. With each song choice, she transitioned ever so gracefully. There was a grand piano on set, and there were questions about if it would be used and how. Rikey was the one to use it, and she did so fantastically. She gave us a calming yet snazzy cover performance of “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys; that was well appreciated. She bewitched us all with her sound, and we fell in love with the performance. Nymph is how we described her in our artist introduction post, and her abilities proved influential to woo us all.

Demsky Finishing the night relflected in the piano.

The final act of the night was given by our long-time friend, Demsky. Demsky’s performance was delicate, powerful, and a perfect way to end the night. One of the things that we love about Demsky is how far he’s come, and his performance on Saturday showed us that he’s only going to keep getting better. His ability to create unity amongst the crowd through his bombastic sounds and elemental pictures shows that Demsky was well prepared for the show. He was definitely in the zone that night, and the energy he gave will come back tenfold as he continues to prosper.

Tying each of the band elements together were the VJs of the night. Satoshi Kanno produces his own, and for the rest HAKAAKI and Kai Goto worked tirelessly to bring color and energy to the palette of Half Moon Hall with imagery that added textured and depth to the event.

Anytime you come to a More Than Music event, you’re welcome into the family.  We’re a community of both fans and artists at the end of the day, and we want to discover new music and create memories together. Whether to enjoy the energy the crowd brings, the curiosity of what the night has in store, or the character of the venue, there’s always something to find with a night out at an MTM show.

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Good night everyone.

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