Song Introduction: SHAMANZ - Lost Pirates

You're sitting on the edge of a cliff, staring at a breath-taking sunset, reflecting on past loves. The resting of the sun is so magnificent, it makes you want to cry. As you sit there, you wish that things could have gone differently. Still, unfortunately, both parties have gone their separate ways, and what was once had can no longer be mended. In listening to SHAMANZ’s “ Lost Pirates,” all emotions revolving around love and regret are touched upon.



As the hook comes around, a trumpet elegantly strolls into the picture. Later on, the saxophone punctuates the air with a melancholy solo while the somber guitar evokes painful memories. These instruments are highlighted to show that SHAMANZ mindfully designed this piece to call on specific feelings of sorrow. You can hear each device clearly as if they were playing in front of you. Each instrument dials in and out at a supreme moment which only further compliments the theme of ruined love.

Although the song has a sad context to it, it’s a chill song overall. Its relaxing tune soothes the soul, and Tama’s voice channels an emotional pain we’ve all felt at one point. Nevertheless, all wounds heal eventually, and we’re happy that we have “Lost Pirates” to get us there.

The Tama Tsuboi Trio will bring that Lost Pirate energy to the MTM Showcase event at Daikanyama's Mame Romantic on August 28th.

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  • beautiful Tama san.

    michael fogarty

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