Song Introduction: OSHIN - Believe

As children, many of us share the dream of becoming astronauts and wandering into a vast unknown. As a society, such a venture is considered the peak of human endeavour, but Oshin’s ‘Believe’ is a lover’s anthem dedicated to that inner venture that can only be achieved by two people ready to fall, hand in hand, and the magic that they create.

A ponderous and laid-back sax opens the way for you to take a zero-gravity leap into another realm. You take the hand of your beloved and slow dance into the nether with the slow grooves of Mystery Man and Kay. Rio’s soft and silvery voice carries you throughout as if painting a darkened night sky with glittering stars. All the while, you fall through the clouds and land on the dulcet tones of Yohey’s guitar.

After all, while the cold unknown is no doubt frightening, it is actually the continual steps towards love and devotion that have truly shaken the hearts of man down the centuries. The trek into the outer reaches is one to be feared, but with ‘Believe’, Oshin invites you to find the courage to endure this spacewalk and search out that rare and enchanting true love that so few of us rarely find.

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Bruno Mars, Suchmos, Shunske G and the Peas

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