MTM Spotify Playlist: May 2021

If you’ve been in attendance to any of the More Than Music you’ll know we’ve not been messing around. If we were the mafia then you’ll know we’ve only been hiring absolute killers to perform. But our work is far from over and we have more slayers waiting in the wings for a slightly paired down set of shows in May and beyond.

BO-PEEP set off our playlist at full-throttle with their punk rock rocket blasting through to the electro magic of Kyoto’s Omni-Sight. Ry’s blend of space folk simmers us down to a chill and through the smoke rises the haunting synthery of Kitka. The tripped out psych rock of Dog of Man and horror rockers Veronica Veronico rush us through the voids beyond known realms and leave us swimming in the soaking indie rock of Marsicans and the bubble pop of Yui Stonewell.

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The Shamisenists
Robert Taira Wilson
Dog of Man
Veronica Veronico
Yui Stonewell

If you like what you hear take a look at our upcoming shows and come enjoy a drink with a set from your new favorite artist.


Upcoming Shows:

April 22nd Craft Beer Unplugged with Robert Taira Wilson
April 24th MTM X Aries City Presents: Jumeaux, Afrodyty, SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB
May 15th MTM Presnts: Omni Sight, Demsky, Ry
May 22nd MTM Presents: TOW, Robert Taira Wilson, Veronica Veronico
May 29th MTM Presents: The Shamisenists, BO-PEEP, Tokyo Sapiens

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