MTM Spotify Playlist #1: Virta, Paranoid Void and more

This week on the MTM Spotify Playlist, we have added 7 little gems that we have been enjoying plentifully in recent times. Irish folk crooner Ciana Curran leads the way with a deeply affecting traditionally styled ballad, Gold, Silver and Bronze, that courses down the soul like a stream through a dirged creek bed. The gorgeous soul and r’n’b of Shamanz picks us up and carries us out of the woods to the local tavern where Johnsons Motorcar is givin it both barrels with some Irish folk punk of their own. Tables are bound to get flipped with this crew. 

The only way to continue is with the naughty schoolboys and girls, Sakuranzensen and BO-PEEP, who are sat in the corner of the bar flipping everyone the middle finger with their full-tilt Japanese punk and garage rock. As the night winds down and the drunk teenagers wobble to the next bar, we are whisked away by the ambiguous but charming paranoid void. Their hard rock and jazz chops both hit hard simultaneously yet in completely different ways. Dawn breaks and you think you’re home free but like an extraterrestrial abduction, Finland’s Virta are here to turn things upside down. I mean who the hell makes a progressive rock band without a guitarist? These guys apparently.


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Cianan Curran - Gold, Silver and Bronze (Live)
Shamanz - Lost Pirates
Johnsons Motorcar - Johnny is a Rovin’ Blade
錯乱前戦 (Sakuranzensen) - ロッキンロール (Rock n' Roll)
BO-PEEP - Power
paranoid void - カルマの犬 (Karuma no Inu)
Virta - On The Run
Check our upcoming shows and you may find one of these lovely bands will be appearing near you soon.

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