Song Review: Deges Deges - Gojigen

To say that Deges Deges is a humble two-piece made of two nice Japanese fellas called Fu Takada and Takumi Inoue, they sound remarkably like a bar-fight as evidenced by their single, ‘Gojigen’ (Fifth Dimension). It’s a good thing they’re nice fellas or you might get slugged in the face by Fu’s knuckle-dustered bluesy riffs and barkin dog vocals. If they didn’t get you then maybe Takumi’s curb-stompin drums might knock you the hell out.

For all the brutishness that may be present on ‘Gojigen’, it must be said that among a generation of musicians who like to play their blues as four to the floor as possible, it is good to hear a crunched out bluesy twang accompanied by a swinging jazz beat. It is immediately clear that the guys are here to try out different things while totally rockin' out with their proverbials out.

The stand out moment of ‘Gojigen’ is certainly the finale, as the fellas get down and dirty in a call-and-response set of soloing. As one makes space the other totally tears it up, whether it’s pupil-dilating shredding or broken axle beats, there is complete balance and unity throughout.

Music publication style hyperbolic hooks aside, ‘Gojigen’ is a genuinely fun little Jazzy/Bluesy/Rocky number that goes a long way to represent what the boys have been trying to accomplish with the release of their 1st album, ‘Blue light’.

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