EXCLUSIVE Song Introduction: Demsky - Airport

You’re standing on an alien plain. The grass is shades of cyan with fauna flaring daintily in a cool breeze. The herbivores grazing nearby are certainly quadrupeds but otherwise very different to those found at home. The 2 suns illuminate a pinkish sky with streaking clouds. You feel the cool breeze surround you as it begins to grasp you firmly. The grasp carries you through the epically exciting yet gruelling landscapes of ocean topped mountains, blazing skies, and snowy deserts. This sense of familiarity with the normal on a backdrop of the uplifting yet bizarre is the basis of Demsky’s new single ‘Airport’.

The track opens with a classically styled drum and bass beat clearly alluding to Demsky’s love of the funkier things in life. It is in the beat where listeners will likely feel most at home while Demsky revels in the abstract. If the beat is home, then it is Desmky’s flute that is our friend. No, these are not the flutes of ‘Mask Off’, these are not even the flutes of ‘Juice’, but they might be the flutes of ‘Blue Bossa’. Whatever they are, they are unassumingly groovy as they bring on an essence of hope and wonder that make its sparingly employed flourishes warm and welcome to the listener.

The vamping bass line holds down the back end almost creating tension as it barely moves and morphs into a lingering buzz as if it were some creature about to leap from a cave and drag you into its domain. While the bass looms, inter-dimensional synthesisers keep things light and airy, as if they were cosmonauts exploring the sound waves for new and exciting evolutions in the surrounding sonic auras. In essence they force us to let go of what we know and to transcend borders alongside Demsky himself.

While one foot is placed way out in the ether where he allows his space to expand and be enriched, his other foot is placed firmly on the solid grounds of the soul, funk and house that he and many of us have grown up. With ‘Airport’, Demsky has come to remind us that while there is plenty of unknown to be explored, we share far more in common with one another than we realise and it is a joy to celebrate both our differences and commonalities.

For more Demsky, check him out here. Or come see his perform 'Airport' live at his EP Release on August 21st.


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