Artist Introduction: THE JUNGLES!!!

Are you sick and tired of those tired old metal or punk reviews that make it sound like the Apocalypse all over again? Y’know the ones that use the same old platitudes about “monolithic riffs” or “face-melting solos”. The ones that describe the music in phrases such as “the drums sound like a pickup truck smashing through your front door, killing your dog, your grandma, your boiler and your neighbor who only came over the salad dressing for the BBQ later that afternoon”. Y’know those reviews?

Well this is one of those reviews. So fair warning.

THE JUNGLES!!! are a collection of four badass punk women who are here to let you know that riding roller coasters and getting wasted is far more interesting and entertaining than the contents of your trousers or whether you think Japanese Punk Chicks are hot. It’s irrelevant.

With songs like ‘Boozer’ and ‘Danger’, THE JUNGLES!!! slam a big rusty axe in the face of the weak stereotypes of submissive and obedient Japanese women and the frail idealizations of the Yamato Nadeshiko.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t listen to THE JUNGLES!!! because they’re 4 awesome Japanese chicks who break the mold and play punk rock. You should listen to them because they are 4 epically raucous punk rockers who genuinely contribute to the culture and have been tearing up the Japanese underground since their days as Red Bacteria Vacuum.

Hold your middle fingers up high, it’s time to mosh with THE JUNGLES!!!

Check out their music at:
The JUNGLES!!! twitter
THE JUNGLES!!! Spotify

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