Artist Introduction: SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB

Comprised of an array of various characteristics, the SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB is a bewildering improvisational group. The main bulk of the group consists of Kim, Tatsu, Ruppa, Junya Yamamoto, Erio, and up to 10 more other people. The only group we can think of this size is either Wu-Tang Clan or The Roots. Great groups they are, but when it comes to improv SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB might have them beat.

Just when you thought their sound was obstreperous, like on their song
Totemojanai, their tempo smoothes down to a sultry, almost seductive vibration that calls to your ears, as heard on Sweetee. The great thing about SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB is that they know the exact recipe to stimulate every sense of your body. Be it the tangy sax alerting your ears, an earthy didgeridoo pulsating through your being, or bongos thumping delicately on your skin, the club knows how to tickle your fancy in each and every way.

How was that for a meal? Hungry for more? Come and watch SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB on 4/24 at Shibuya 7th Floor.

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