Artist Introduction: Nayokenza

If you’re looking for head-smashing, heart racing, ass-pumping, loud music, with a twist of 808’s and synths, all you’ve gotta do is rub the magic mic and say “open sesame.” Through a cloud of smoke, an eerie “sci-fetic” sound, the earth trembles, Nayokenza appears! This intro makes Nayokenza sound like a gnarly genie, but in reality, Nayokenza’s more like a mix of Leonardo Decaprio in The Revenant and Finn from Adventure Time.

Coming out of wild Florida, where all the gators and old folk are. Landing in beautiful Japan, home of the tigers and even more senior folk. Nayokenza, a resilient eccentric spirit on a mission, is gracing us all with an array of talents that are changing the world as we speak. With an aggressive form of Indie and Bedroom Power Pop, a.k.a “Fever Pop,” Nayokenza is always exploring creativity, and the listeners are challenged to expand their minds sonically through the music. At the end of the day, it’s always more than music, am I right?

This artist is on point with the releases and is consistently announcing new material, whether audio or visual. Through the numerous years of hard work and persistence, Nayokenza is evolving into a true artist. What makes Nayokenza a powerhouse is the fact that giving up is not an option. Do you think Leo gave up after he fought that bear? Do you think Finn gave up after the Ice King almost beat him? Hell to the nah, to the nah-nah-nah, hell to the nah! Nayokenza is quite admirable in reality. Nayokenza is constantly taking us on a journey with the music; maybe it’s not a path we expected to be on, but it is a voyage that we need to sit back and enjoy.

Nayokenza’s style is best shown in Smiling Faces. Produced with members of (the) Ocean and i, this song hits, and it hits hard. It will definitely guide you on the path of righteousness, if not that, it’s definitely a song to go h.a.m to while you’re on your adventure.

Check out Nayokenza’s with us June 26th.

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