Artist Introduction: Josiah Hawley

James Brown once said “one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing”. If the Godfather of Soul says so I’m inclined to agree, even if I’m a pretty terrible dancer. Nothing beats cutting lose to any of my favorite R‘n’B and Funk tracks, whether it’s Kendrick Lamars ‘i’ or Zazen Boys ‘Crazy Days, Crazy Feeling’ or Flying Lotus ‘Never Catch Me’. Well one more artist who has been providing the soundtrack to my pervasive and uneducated attempts at dancing on the streets of Tokyo is the one and only Josiah Hawley.

Let’s get a few things out of the way. Yes, Josiah was on The Voice, Season 4 in 2013. That is an amazing accomplishment and we are incredibly proud of him. He did an amazing job during his run. Yes, Josiah is an incredibly handsome man. Like ridiculously good looking. But these are merely the tip of the iceberg with Josiah. His time on The Voice was well spent as he was subsequently forced to question himself about the artist he wanted to be. Having decided he didn’t want to be another vapid cookie-cutter pop star, Josiah discovered in himself a deep passion and love for R’n’B. 

The warmth he emanates as a person radiates through the hardcore funk flicks he presents for us on his 2020 EP ‘I Just Want Your Love’. His love and affection for the Motown artists he grew up listening to in his youth is immediately apparent, as the entire EP is full of tender falsettos, choppy guitars, bright bubbly basses, thumping drums and blaring brass section inflections. But live is where the real fun is with Josiah. This man is the complete package, his stage presence is magnetic and the charisma he conducts himself with in everyday life is only amplified. More than anything, what you may find you appreciate most about Josiah is his honest and modest candour. I think he is fully aware of what he is and how good he is, but he is blessed with great modesty and is not at all here to hang his greatness over anyone’s head. He is here to play the music he loves to the full extent of his ability and share moments of beauty and fun with anyone willing to join him. And you absolutely should join him, you’d be happier for it. He’s also an OK dancer.

Come and dance with Josiah Hawley on April 17th.

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