Are you the kind of person that enjoys amusement park rides? If no, too late, you’re buckled in; see you when you get back. If yes, get ready for the ride of your life. You’re on the world’s tallest, longest, fastest, and wildest ride. With countless mind erasing loops, turns, dips, and twirls, this ride is freakin’ insane. This is the experience that the good folk of the SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB will give you, especially with CLUB, their newest album.

To start off the album, we hear a familiar echoing voice introducing the album’s first song, “ Selection.” From there, our rollercoaster ride begins. The piece “Old Custom” transitions smoothly while accompanied by the violin and saxophone pairing. This album is off to a good pace, setting the tone on what to expect throughout; brace yourself; this is a jam session that keeps going up.



With the delicate plucking of violin and bass strings, the hardcore banging of the drum, and the sporadic yelling, SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB created a sound that hits every feeling on CLUB. With this album, not only can you jam out with your air sax, but you can also break a sweat if you're dancing to it. We saw it happen in person when SLOPE UP SESSION CLUB initially recorded this album. The person dancing to this song, who shall remain nameless, danced without a care in the world, and that’s how we feel when we’re listening to this album; not a care in the world. CLUB finishes on a high note with the song “Watch.” We were taken on this wild ride with this song, but we’re sent off in a good way; the comedown, the end of the ride.

How was that for a rollercoaster? Wanna ride again? Check out more of Slope Up Session Club on their Bandcamp page and check them out with Josiah Hawley on 6/12

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