1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents
1月15日|MTM Presents

1月15日|MTM Presents

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Starting strong MTM kicks off their lineups for the new year with the upbeat, soulful voices of Chloe, The Immortal Asuca and Josiah Hawley with Zuma. Filling in the gaps with beats to keep you moving. The venue, Haremame is situated in Daikenyama and is a famous venue with a great and rare analogue sound system and unique drink selections to match the owners care in not just the musical selection but everything they serve and share with the audience.
Come out to kick off the new year with an unforgettable night!




日付|Date:1月15日 (土)・January 15th
時間|Time:18:00PM ~ 22:00PM
場所|Venue:晴れたら空に豆まいて・Mame Romantic
会費|Price: ¥3,500 for non-members, ¥1,000 for Members 


メンバー向け割引チケットは 「220115MTMP」をクーポンコード記入欄に入れてチケットの購入をお願い致します。
Members can redeem their discounted ticket at payout using the discount code '220115MTMP' 

If you're interested in becoming a member for free and discounted access to events around Tokyo check it out here



Josiah Hawley (ジョサイア・ハーリー)
Josiah Hawley is a master of his craft blending pop, rock and blues with falsetto at a beat that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to move. He’s wooed the girls with his chiseled smile, dazzled America as a semi-finalist on America’s ‘The Voice’ and is now looking to establish himself in the Tokyo scene.


Zuma. (ズーマ)
His uniquely stylized productions, intricate percussive grooves, and fluid yet playful bounce is a sonic identity that leaves an impression on many.

Chloe Kibble
Chloe Kibble's euphonious vocal gives a pause in a room and reaches out to the streets to make people want to join the beautiful atmosphere that she creates. Eluding the confines of any one style, she embraces her love for all Black music as she shares her craft with Tokyo. She acknowledges her Black and queer identities at the core of her music and seeks to provide a healing space and cultural bridge while in Japan.

Fumetsu no Asuca

The Immortal Asuca (Fumetuno Asuka) is a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice who plays free music regardless of genre or style.


【MTM Presentsとは|About MTM Presents】

‘MTM presents’ is our love letter to you, the audience. With ‘MTM presents’ we offer to you the absolute elite musical talent that the Tokyo underground and the world has to offer. These are the best artists that you’ve never heard of but make no mistake you will never forget them once you’ve experienced them.

It is not only great music that defines these stellar shows, it’s the people. We are proud to welcome listeners from diverse backgrounds from all over the world.

“MTM Presents” は More Than Music からみなさまへのお贈り物です。東京、そして世界から選ばれる素晴らしい才能を持ったアーティストをステージに招きます。ここで目にするアーティストは誰も聞いた事のない人ばかり、なのに一度聴いたら忘れられなくなるようなユニークな技術と音を持っています。

“MTM Presents”で楽しめるのは音楽だけではありません。イベントに参加する様々なバックグラウンドを持った人達との交流も醍醐味の一つです!